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  • Keeping Soup Warm Through the Use of Lunch Boxes

    Lunch Box

    Lunch packing in boxes can quickly become a challenge in preserving the freshness and temperature of the meal. This article will show you how to prevent your soup from getting cold before lunchtime. Well, an easy way is via an electric lunch box.

    However, there is an alternative way to achieve this. Before we start with that, having a calendar helps very busy parents. There are certain days where it can be consensually agreed that your kids will buy lunch, and on the days they won't, you're packing it for them.

    Usually, you'll want to pack them something nutritious to refresh them during their day at school. One quick tip is to have your kitchen pantry well-stocked during the weekend ahead of the week. Another tip is getting them good lunch boxes.

  • Eco-friendly Ways to Make Drinks using Solar Energy

    SunRocket Solar Kettle

    More people are moving towards a more sustainable way of life. In fact, 77% of people are now interested in making the shift. There’s a particular interest in shifting to more sustainable drinks using Solar energy.

    That being said, let's go over a few neat ideas on how you can prepare, make, and store your drinks using solar energy.

    Using Solar Kettles

    Here is another thing you can use to make drinks on your own. Thermal vacuum tubes are used in the Solar Kettle.

  • Giveaway Time! Zero Turn Radius Mower Up For Grabs


    We have another giveaway competition here at Saul's Restaurant, thanks to our friends at Home & Garden, it's a brand new zero turn radius mower. Our friends over at have been nice enough to help us choose this week's prize.

    This is because they have recently covered the topic of zero turn mower reviews and know the in depth knowledge of which are the best ZTR mowers on the market.

  • Saul's Expert Tips on How To Smoke Chicken with a Propane Smoker

    Smoke Chicken

    Today we look at some of the great smoked chicken recipes available online and smoke up our favorite one in our brand new gas smoker.

    Smoking Chicken is not easy and takes a combination of patience and skill. To master the art while you have all your hungry friends standing around waiting for their meals is a whole other ball game.

  • Preparing for Christmas - Food & Family

    Recliner for Christmas

    Is there a better feeling than being absolutely stuffed from eating all that delicious Christmas food before crashing out on the recliner.

    What to cook and how to prepare and cook the food can be very difficult come Christmas time. So today I want to help make this a little easier with my step by step plan to conquering the Christmas cook.